Custom Made clothes and Decals for Cars-Windows-Walls

In this Blog we are going to talk about how the custom made shirts and decals are made. you can make custom make shirts for businesses, schools, clubs, hospitals, hotels and any other organization or individual. you may also make decals for those companies and individuals. the decals are mostly used on cars' body. cars' windows and other flat surfaces such as wall. these decals serve the purpose of advertising in public presence. now lets talk about how the clothes and decals are made. 

The custom made clothes are made in two methods. In this article we are going to tell you ways you can print tees in most simple language and ways. as mentioned above there are two ways to make custom made clothes and uniform, by custom made we mean a specific design that you want to have printed on a t-shirt or any other kind of clothing. in both ways we are going to need a heat press machine where we can use to transfer our work onto the shirt.

1) Using a heat vinyl sheet and the cutter machine: all we need in this method is a computer to design your artwork in, once our design is ready, we will need to print it out on the vinyl sheet using the cutter machine. this technique will work by cutting our design on the vinyl and then once our design is all cut then we will have to peel off the excess vinyl from the sheet when the design has nothing to do with.once our design is ready then we may use the heat press machine to print your shirt.keep in mind this way can only be done for jobs that have only one color on the design.

2) Using DTG (Direct to Garment Printer): the other printing method is the color printing method. its almost the same as the vinyl method except there are colors associated with the design that will be injected by the printer and will be cut around the edge of the design.

The stickers are also made same way as mentioned in step one of printing clothes, but instead of heat vinyl we use permanent glue sign vinyl. These sign vinyl decals are perfect for car decals, window decals, wall decals, and many more.

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